One Time Option for NPS to OPS for Railways Employees

One Time Option for NPS to OPS for Railways Employees who were Recruited against the Posts/Vacancies advertised/notified on or before 22.12.2003 : Railway Board Order dated 02.04.2024 regarding.

Railways order Dated 02.04.2024 for NPS to OPS Option

One Time Option for NPS to OPS for Railways Employees who were Recruited against the Posts/Vacancies advertised/notified on or before 22.12.2003: Railway Board Order dated 02.04.2024





New Delhi, dated: 02.04.2024.

The General Managers/Principal Financial Advisors,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units etc,
DGs of RDSO and NAIR.

Subject: Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993 in place of National Pension System in case of those Railway employees who were recruited against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified on or before 22.12.2003-reg.

Ref: Board’s letters of even number dated 10.03.2023 and 14.02.2024.

Please refer to Board’s letter of even number dated 14.02.2024 vide which Zonal Railways/PUs were advised to furnish the details of cases, where options from the railway employees for inclusion under old pension scheme in terms of Board’s instructions dated 10.03.2023 have been received within the stipulated time i.e. 31.08.2023, however, the decision of the appointing authority could not be taken before 30.11.2023. Accordingly, the numbers of pending cases, as furnished by Zonal Railways and Production Units, without going into the merits of the cases, were forwarded to DoP&PW for seeking extension of time limit for taking decision by the appointing authority in the said cases.

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2. The matter has been considered by DoP&PW and have conveyed extension of time limit upto 15.04.2024 only in these cases referred to Board by Zonal Railways provided the employees had given their option within the time limit specified in their O.M. dated 03.03.2023(adopted on Railways vide letter dated 10.03.2023).

3. In view of DoP&PW’s advice mentioned in para 2 above, Zonal Railways and PUs are advised to examine each and every case strictly complying with the conditions given in Board’s instructions dated 10.03.2023. The one-time option available under the instructions dated 10.03.2023 is applicable only in cases where the Railway employee has been appointed against a post/vacancy which was advertised/notified for recruitment/appointment, prior to the date of notification of National Pension System, i.e. 22.12.2003, and is covered under NPS on joining service on or after 01.01.2004. The instructions dated 10.03.2023 are not applicable in cases where conditions prescribed in these instructions are not fulfilled.

4. Accordingly, Zonal Railways, PUs, etc. may examine the cases duly complying with the instructions dated 10.03.2023 for seeking the approval of the appointing authority on or before 15.04.2024.

(Sanjay Prashar)
Jt. Director, Finance(Estt.)
Railway Board

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