8th CPC Fitment Factor Calculator

8th CPC Fitment Factor Calculator is a tool to calculate the expected fitment factor for the 8th Central pay commission on the basis of expected DA as on 01.01.2026 and expected Pay increase likely to be recommended by the 8th CPC.

8th CPC Fitment Factor

8th CPC Expected Fitment Factor Calculator

The Expected Fitment Factor for the 8th CPC and the Expected Pay in the 8th CPC can be Calculated.To Calculate the expected Fitment Factor after 8th CPC a comparative study of increase in Pay as recommended by previous CPC is given herewith.

Pay Commission% Pay Increase Recommended
2nd CPC14.20 %
3rd CPC20.60 %
4th CPC27.60 %
5th CPC31.00 %
6th CPC54.00 %
7th CPC14.27 %
Average Increase = 27 %

From analysis of the past recommendations of central pay commissions, it is observed that maximum increase in pay was recommended in 6th CPC(54%) while minimum increase in pay was recommended in 2nd and 7th CPC(approx 14.2%). While average Pay increase recommended in Past CPC is 27%.

Taking clue from the past CPCs we can assume certain possibilities and come to know the expected Fitment Factor and Expected Pay after 8th CPC.

The various possible scenarios are given below and using these data we can calculate the expected Fitment Factor after 8th CPC.

Also looking at the current Dearness Allowance(DA), the expected DA from 01.01.2026 may be assumed to be between 62% to 66%. Consider the following Scenarios :

Now based on the above possibilities, we may Calculate the expected fitment factor after 8th CPC using the following 8th CPC Fitment Factor Calculator.


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8th CPC Expected Fitment Factor Calculator Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Expected Fitment Factor in 8th CPC?
The expected Fitment Factor in 8th CPC 1.92.
What was the Fitment Factor in 7th CPC?
The Fitment Factor in 7th CPC was minimum 2.57.
On What Factors the Value of Fitment Factor Depends?
The value of Fitment Factor depends on Prevailing DA rate as well as the Pay Increase decided by the Commission/Government.

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