RD Calculator

A Recurring Deposit(RD)Calculator/Post Office RD Calculator is an online tool that helps to estimate the potential earnings at the end of a maturity period using the current interest rate for a given tenure for a fixed monthly deposit amount for a fixed tenure at a fixed rate of interest.

RD Calculator

RD Calculator

RD Calculator/Post Office RD Calculator calculates the total amount invested during the investment period, interest earned on your investment and the total accumulated amount after the investment period of the RD.

RD Calculator Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How often the interest is Compounded in RD?
The interest is Compounded quarterly in RD.
Is Pre-Mature Closure of RD account is allowed?
Yes, Pre-Mature Closure is allowed in RD account. However the Bank or Financial Institution may levy a penalty for Pre-Closure.
What is Normal Duration of RD?
Normally the Tenure of RD ranges from 6 Months to 10 Years in the multiples of 3 Months.
Is TDS applicable on RD?
Yes, TDS is applicable on RD interest accrued.

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