National Pension System(NPS) Calculator

National Pension System(NPS) Calculator is an online tool that helps to calculate the amount of pension you will receive after you retire at the age of 60. This NPS Calculator will also help to calculate the lumpsum amount you will receive at retirement along with the monthly pension amount

NPS Calculator

National Pension System(NPS) Calculator

This Online National Pension System(NPS) Calculator calculates the total amount invested during the investment period, expected return on your investment, total maturity amount, monthly pension amount and the lumpsum amount received.

NPS Calculator Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How NPS Calculator can be Helpful?
NPS Calculator is very handy tool to accurately calculate how much monthly pension and lumpsum amount you can expect at the time of your retirement .
Can I withdraw whole accumulated corpus under my NPS account at the time of Retirement?
No, You can withdraw upto 60% corpus of your NPS account only and minimum 40% corpus of your NPS account must be deployed to purchase annuity plan.
What is the minimum age for opening an NPS account?
The minimum age to open an NPS account is 18 years.
Is the Lumpsum amount received at Retirement under NPS is Tax Free?
No, as per present legislation the lumpsum amount received under NPS is subject to Taxation

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