Online GPF Calculator

This online GPF Calculator Calculates the interest on GPF subscription and also the final GPF amount for the Central Government Employees.The General Provident Fund (GPF) is a long term investment option mandatory for Government employees. GPF gives an option to Government employees to generate a significant corpus over a long service period so that they get a big amount at the time of their superannuation. GPF investments provide a secure post retirement life to employees. Government offers a guaranteed returns on GPF and review/revise the rate of interest regularly(generally quarterly).

GPF Calculator

Online GPF Calculator : GPF Interest and GPF Final Amount Calculator

The GPF is a very flexible scheme which allows employees to withdraw money or take loan from the GPF fund for various needs as per prevailing Government Rulings . The GPF scheme is also very tax efficient investment and offers a low-risk investment opportunity for Government employees. It is a very good choice for government employees to save for their retirement and financial stability because it gives guaranteed returns.

Calculate the interest on GPF and final GPF amount using this GPF Calculator.


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Online GPF Calculator Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Current Interest Rate for GPF?
The Current interest Rate for GPF is 7.1%.
What is the Maximum annual Investment limit under GPF for Government Employees to earn tax free Return?
The Maximum annual Investment limit under GPF for Government Employees to earn tax free Return is 5 Lakhs.
Is the Return on GPF is Tax Free?
Yes, Every Financial Year the return on investment upto 5 Lakhs is Tax Free.
Is the Final GPF Withdrawal is Tax Free ?
Yes, GPF withdrawal is Tax Free.

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