A Comprehensive Portal for Central Government Employees and Pensioners in India

About us

In India, central government employees and pensioners play a crucial role in the functioning of the country. To ensure that they are well-informed and have access to the latest news and information relevant to their lives, a dedicated portal has been established.

Central Government Employees Portal

CgStaffCorner.Com is a Central Government Employees Portal serves as a one-stop destination for all central government employees. It provides a wide range of resources and services to help employees stay updated and make informed decisions.

News and Updates

The portal offers the latest news and updates related to central government policies, initiatives, and developments. From changes in pay scales to new allowances and benefits, employees can find all the relevant information in one place.

Forms and Documents

Accessing the necessary forms and documents is made easy through the portal. Employees can download various forms such as leave applications, medical reimbursement claims, and pension-related documents. This saves time and effort by eliminating the need to visit different government offices.

Employee Benefits

The portal also provides detailed information about the benefits available to central government employees. From health insurance schemes to housing and education allowances, employees can explore the various benefits they are entitled to and understand how to avail them.

Pension Calculator

The portal features a pension calculator that helps pensioners calculate their pension based on various factors such as years of service and last drawn salary. This enables pensioners to have a clear understanding of their entitlements and plan their finances accordingly.

Life Certificate

Every year, pensioners are required to submit a life certificate to continue receiving their pension. The portal provides latest information in this regard.

Healthcare and Wellness

The portal offers information about healthcare schemes(CGHS) and facilities available for Employees and pensioners. It provides details about CGHS empanelled hospitals, and wellness programs specifically designed for Central Government Employees and pensioners.

Overall, this portal is for the Central Government Employees and Pensioners and serves as a valuable resource for central government employees and pensioners in India. It ensures that they are well-informed, have access to necessary resources, and can make the most of the benefits and opportunities available to them.

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